Striving for
Measurable results.
Winning a race
Or training to.
Setting some record.
At least a personal best.
Hiking just a bit farther.
Writing a conference paper.
Hoping it will get published.
Last summer
The past.

This summer
I sit, reading.
Writings I have neither assigned
Nor been assigned.
They’re not in my field.
I Google foreign references.
I won’t remember.
But I won’t be writing
Or taking
An exam on them.
Occasionally there’s bread,
As there is now,
Waiting downstairs
For the oven.
Every so often
The vacuum cleaner
Interrupts the silence.
Some days,
A poem.
But mostly
There’s nothing
My dog provides the pattern.
Lying on his bed
He is the archetype of lazy.
Teaching me how to retire.
Though it’s more than 10 months away,
The anticipation is
That I might need to practice
Being idle.