Economics in a World of Hurt

It’s not about one lover
It runs a whole lot deeper –
The basic structure’s crumbling.
While the air becomes a
Thick, persistent blanket,
Thousands of
Prehuman creatures
Find their worlds invaded
By irreconcilable forces.
Global warming.
Mass extinction.
Simple, tidy terms
For the end of
Fundamental relationships
That started out slowly,
Through grinding
Now spun off course.
Agriculture, then fossil fuels
Defined by a relationship
Of dominance
By one seemingly clever species
Squeezing out reciprocity
And gratitude,
Ending the dance
Of equal partners
Generous and loving.
A story morphing
Into a woeful tale of self-interest
As the catalyst of harmony.
Smith’s invisible hand
Transfigured, taken out of context
To condone psychopathic narcissists,
Unlimited exploitation,
Ever more stuff.
De-evolving into monoculture
Of the unexamined quest for
Economic growth,
Viewed in the short blur
Of confusion as the answer,
Not the fundamental problem.
To the myth of
Never quite enough
Cries out for a treatment plan.
Exposure to the intricate magic of
The natural world of awe
May be the beginning.
Economics transformed by
Grounded in a new vision of
Love not hurt.


One thought on “Economics in a World of Hurt

  1. Heavy words in dire need of publishing, sad but so true. Too bad some of the offenders won’t read or understand what you have written, let alone, do the right thing. Keep writing, and perhaps these messages will fall on not so deaf ears. Love, Artie

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