The End of Professor Jacobson

Struggling to commit
To leave soulless work behind.
To venture into the unknown
World of a creative life.
A life intertwined with the
Magic of the natural world.
A life of wonder.
Close observation
Quiet contemplation.
But the loud unmistakable call of
Obvious busy work
Casts its lure of measurable productivity
Counted and paid for
A line item in a report
That makes it easy way to fend off fears.
Fears of
Little discipline
Flitting confidence,
A weak work ethic.
Now, though it’s time
To find meaning in
What the world doesn’t measure.
After so many years of contemplating
This life.
But continuing
In the predictable
The rational
The logical choice.
Finally, now,
Leave the economist behind.
Behave irrationally,
Enter the unknown,
Take the path so long
Longed for.


3 thoughts on “The End of Professor Jacobson

  1. This writing creates such a sense of excitement in me… not justFor you but also for my own possibilities when contemplating major change.thank you for sharing this.MisiSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

  2. Hey, Suez, I got two tickets for this talk on Friday, Feb. 23, 3:00-4:30 pm… would you like to go with me? If so, I was wondering if Art & Bob would want to meet us somewhere afterwards for dinner… Misi

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