Just barely.

The light begins

To break

Above the horizon.

First purple,

Then pink,

To yellow’s warm glow.

A warm cloudy

September morning.

The clouds

Play with the light

On an alarmingly beautiful

Canvas of sky.

One year and two days

Have passed

Since my mother died.

With some distance

I am working on

Gratitude not grief.

Walking my dog

In the magical light

I see a snake

Hanging from a tree

Just at the corner of

My left eye.

It registers.

I gasp.

But this is not

A neighborhood,

Of tree snakes.

This neighborhood

Where I have walked

For seven years.

The mind notifies the emotion.

I hear a giggle.

As I look up to inspect the snake.

A child

In the tree.

Holds a rubber snake

Dangling from a stick.

I’ve been had.

“You got me,”

I tell him.

No reply.

My mother

The master of April Fool’s

Would have loved it.

I smile.

Grateful for silly.


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