Anger and grief

Swirl uncontrollably

Blocking the air

Of reason.

Death without reason.

The priest talks of Lazarus.


Where was Jesus when he died?

He was not there.

He was not with Paul either.

The perfect altar boy,

Who could see no reason to live.

Four days later Jesus was there.

Raising Lazarus from the dead.

But Jesus is not here.

Paul is dead.

Paul will not rise as Lazarus did.

His young widow will not hear his voice.

This priest talk is ephemeral, unhelpful.

The grief is real, now, overwhelming.

Bodies fractured in sobs.

There is no comfort in the story of Lazarus.

The system failed a young life.

It fails the mourners.

The words end.

Then the incense.

Its substance

Like the faith peddled with it,

Dissipates into nothing.


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