Stifle Your Life – Please

It comes from the second in command.

It’s serious.

I am told

I cannot open my window.

I must lower my blinds.

It’s all about an environmental system

In a “beautiful new building.”

An odd kind of “beauty”

Unable to mingle with nature’s air.

So we are told to work

Locked in bottled

Recycled air

Which never sees the light of day.

Air that strangles our souls.

Dims our brains.

Sentences us to a world

That is completely artificial



HVAC can’t coexist with the power of the sun.

The appeal is to “keeping the building comfortable for everyone.”

Be a good sport for the sake of

Everyone who sits darkly, in a dark office

Filled with the stale air of hopelessness.

Sealed from the breeze of the high Colorado mountains.

Shaded from the bright Colorado sun.

Prisoner to a carbon catastrophe

Called progress.


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