My Name is Suez

My name is Suez. I was conceived in the Suez Canal. It was dark and warm and watery, a good place for me to start. I still love being cradled in watery places, though I don’t like the dark, and I prefer to be warmed by the sun. My name is a puzzle to people. I am fair, with white hair, but the deep brown of my eyes holds the secret to my exotic name. My mother has the same name, though she was not conceived in the Suez Canal. Her mother, a thin petite beauty, must have been able to see the future. Sometimes I can see the future and it gives me power. I am not petite. I am a large woman, larger than my outlandish name. I could have ruled a kingdom had I been born in the right place and time. But it was not to be. My parents moved from Suez to Utah, where women regardless of size were subordinate. Nevertheless, I broke from the subordination that was thrust on me. I became the master of the kingdom of my own life. And now I can write my own story, and whether it is true or not doesn’t matter. I can make it true by writing it.

Now I live in a tree. The tree has huge branches that form the platform of my life. I am high, up away from the dreariness of ordinary life tied to the earth. There are no traffic jams in my tree. There is no violent death. The natural world goes on with its rhythms despite the terror of man’s disregard for her. When I look out from my tree, I can see the horizons on all four compass points. That’s what enables me to see the future. As the earth bends, it reveals what is coming from the other side.  And though everyone is talking about the sixth extinction and climate change and the Anthropocene, Suez sees brilliant colors of the natural world engulfing all these worries. Human power disappears into the fog of nothingness and we are gone. The earth sighs with relief and begins to breathe again. The dark, warm, moist world of the Suez returns to clothe a new world. Everything we have ever known is refuted. The tree tells the story of Suez who once lived in her branches. But she does not pine for Suez’s return. Suez had her time and is now no more.


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