5-7-5 Experiments

Trying the old form.

Not meeting strict requireds.

Still, a game with words.


Taken by a book

Nothing all day, but reading.

An indolent way.


A Miró painting.

Joy out of what was sorrow.

He allows naïve.


A day on a bike.

Miles under the bluest sky.

More than possible.


Finding peace in views.

The mountains convey solace.

And revive wonder.


Family visits.

Grateful for a place to stay.

Connect after years.


Lazy coon hound sleeps.

Eyes lolling, waiting for food.

Nearly dinner time.


Reading of warming.

Lulled, doing very little.

Shortsighted, dead end.


Technology saves.

Pretend it will, easy out.

Rude awakening.


The buds are stirring.

The snow, melted many days.

Another season.


Too old for housework.

My husband says he’ll do it.

I have to go ski.


Generous husband.

Does for me with graciousness.

Skis, there in the car.


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