Idling in Blue



Stretched taut as a rubber band.

In a straight line.

Fingers away from my toes

At the limit of separation.

The other swimmers are gone.

Quiet reigns.

I can hear my breathing

And the gurgle of the water coming in

And draining out.

The water lapping up over my ears.

Almost into my eyes.

But my nose is the mountain

Above the lake.

I float.

Cloud-like in the blue

Serenely cradled

One with the water

Obeying its whim.

This is a gift.

As a young girl

This thin frame would not float.

The bottom of the pool

Held sway.


Gravity was the master.

My father too.


Faster than I did.

We were strong swimmers.

My dad and I.

He taught me to stay afloat

By working

Rather than idling

Now I float carelessly.

After the laps.

After the work is done.


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