First, a swimmer.

water was my world

my little world.

I splattered into my lane

when the races started

exhausted at the end

first to finish.

Better than winning

was the water’s touch

all around me

close, in every cranny

and the bubbles

dancing with the sun

the almost quiet

only little gurgles of joy.

Then I was a cyclist.

wind replacing water

careening around me

yielding to my speed


powered by  legs

translated through gears

it fed my adrenaline thirst.

Then I was a runner.

A rawly natural pursuit

just body and limbs

challenging gravity

adrenaline honestly come by

years of it

took its toll

and so

I return to the water

my home

its quiet caress returns

to an older being

but I push it aside

with effort

ragged breath

marks the search for the adrenaline rush.


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