The Canyon



The GRAND Canyon.

Deep, steep, wide,

burrowing inside

your soul,

your mind.

Its river,

the Colorado.

clear and cold,

tamed by dams,

still spits its rapids at you.

Wet clothes

collect the canyon’s sand,

dry in its sun.

You join the river’s reality.

Your mind clears,

as the layers of time emerge.

and the water gets bigger.

Then, it’s time to go.

One step, and then another,

away from the river.

in a different state of mind.

Up the winding trail,

where the rocks,

among the green,

tell you their stories.

Too soon,

you’re out.

at the top,

of the massive divide.

And you wish

There weren’t so many people.

Just one, who is waiting for you.


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