A Hopeful Obituary for Neoclassical Economics

Inordinately long life.

Finally, death to the killer.

Turned into the

Desert of ideas to die of thirst.

Born aspiring to better, more.

More-is-better lies.

Smart, theoretical, like physics.

Backed by immutable veracity,



Slimmed down.

Sleek beauty of easy assumptions.

Real to ethereal.

Moral philosophy pushed aside

“Science” god moved in.

Unidimensional micro.

One-story macro.

Humans act in self-interest,

All the time,


Economic growth

Solves problems,

All of them.

Two pieces of raging miscalculations

Never came together,

No rationalized whole.

Now, both, gone

Interconnected in death.


The invisible hand died first.

Climate crisis pressed in.

Breathing labored,

Waters rose.

Markets drowned in

Pervasive externalities.

Swimmers floated altruistic communities

Visible hands extended,


Shared resources,

Beyond “basic” to “just” income.

Then …

Consumer competition gasped.

More busted for being less.

Growth paradigm withered

Dirt and species rejoiced.