5/31/19 – Reflection on May

This marks six months of daily poems starting on November 30, 2018, with a single blank day – 5/21/19 – a day when scheduled commitments got the better of me. At first this was going to be a one-month challenge, but someone suggested a year. After six months, I am not sure I have the creativity and discipline to finish the second six months. We’ll see.

Here’s my summary of the poems from May.  

Reflection on May

5.7 Humans at their lowest.

5.22 Failure.

5.16 Lessons not learned.

5.6 Cement and engines.

5.25 Building jumbles.

Car gaggles.

5.30 No idea what might have gone wrong.

5.3 Bogged down in superficiality.

5.29 Bad ways.

5.1 Focus,

5.4 Snicketty, snack snack, yum.

Dribldee, drap drap, dumb.

5.15 Power down consumption.


5.10 Wintered spring walks

5.8 Morph into

5.5 Sun and wind

5.19 Ruffl[ing] the silence.

5.24 The dancing, sparkly rippling water.

5.28 The days linger.

5.12 The most generous of gifts.

5.2 The months of sensory parties.

5.9 Renewed life

5.23 in outrageous hues.

5.26 Tree tunnels.

Interrupted with blue platters,

5.11 Life in its most exuberant days.

5.17 Simple patience

5.20 Mesmerized by the quiet.

5.13 Obligated in gratitude.

5.18 People and landscapes

Interwoven in joyful community.

5.14 Suddenly, summer’s simmering [and]

5.27 It’s a whoopie pie party of celebration.