Morning Awe

Before-dawn beginning

with Zoli, my dog.

“Take a flashlight,”

My husband suggests.

I don’t.

The pond is busy,

but quiet,

dotted with the characteristic noiseless mallards

and often screechingly vocal geese.

Today, they all

silently glide in the dim hint of dawn,

leaving barely perceptible wakes on a glassy pond.

Minutes later,

Fire lights the sky

Burning between

Streaks of blues and grays,

And the calm is

punctuated by squawking.

Dozens of disorganized crows

darting and weaving in chaotic patterns,


Crows who then settle

On the very tips of the trees

like carefully placed decorations

only to scatter again

into cacophonous mutiny.

Stunning displays of quiet order

and serene light

juxtaposed against

wild outbursts

and colors from hell.